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  • Due to the persistent congestion at the terminals in the Port of Antwerp, we are forced to invoice you the additional costs incurred from 22/03.
  • We could opt for an hourly surcharge here, but this involves a lot of administration for both of us.
  • That is why we choose to charge a surcharge of € 100 / passage for the following terminal / depot (this surcharge is not included in the left bank surcharge): -1700.
  • This surcharge applies until the situation is remedied by the relevant terminal and we can deliver / collect containers in an acceptable manner.
  • If the problem shifts to other terminals, we are forced to expand the above list, but we will inform you on time.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.
Team S’Jegers

Adjustment rates 01/07/2020

The Flemish government has decided to increase the kilometer charge in Flanders from 1/7/2020 by 15.7%.
This increase will be passed on to the transports that we are allowed to carry out for you.
Since Wallonia does not apply an increase, this cannot be applied in a straight line for all destinations and we arrive at the following result:

Destinations in Flanders: increase in current rate +16%
Destinations in Wallonia: increase in current rate + 6€
Destinations abroad: hereby you find most used border crossings with rate ex/to Antwerp

Border crossings from/to Antwerp:

Boorsem/ Maasmechelen

€ 41,-


€ 27,-


€ 17,-

Bergen op Zoom

€ 9,-


€ 43,-

Lichtenbusch/ Eynatten

€ 55,-

Steinebruck/ St Vith

€ 66,-

Sterpenich/ Arlon

€ 76,-


€ 76,-


€ 67,-


€ 55,


€ 47,-


€ 47,-

Hertain/ Doornik

€ 52,-

Adinkerke/ Duinkerken

€ 57,-

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