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In 1995, founder Karl S’Jegers decided to channel his boundless passion for freight transport into a strong Flemish company, with a strong focus on customer service . Although the main focus at that time was on the transport of sea containers, more and more types of goods were being transported on his vehicles, which led to the addition of the following: curtain trailers (FTL, LTL or groupage transport), tipping containers, moving floor trailers, tanker trucks and refrigerated trailers with temperature control.

Karl also inspired his family with his one truck mind and S’Jegers has thus developed into a genuine, dynamic family business, specialising in the safe and punctual transportation of various types of cargo.

In 2000, an increasingly pressing shortage of space became apparent. S’Jegers therefore decided to look for a new space for their vehicles and infrastructure. They are now located in the heart of the Vorst-Laakdal industrial park.. And yes… whoever moves in next door to a sports giant with the slogan Just Do It, better makes sure they can pull their freight! Well, that was no problem for this ambitious transport company. The necessary infrastructures and equipment were quickly put in place:

  • a private, ultramodern garage and a technical area where the entire fleet can be serviced and repaired. Even third-party vehicles can be serviced and repaired there. The preparation of trucks for technical inspections and repairs is also carried out entirely in-house by our own team of around ten mechanics.
  • extensive warehouses and depots (in Tessenderlo, Laakdal and Kallo) capable of storage and transhipment at a high level. Transport S’Jegers has a total storage area of 25,000 for both short and long term storage. Even storage in temporary or mobile warehouses is possible!
  • offices that radiate customer friendliness and ambition.
  • plenty of parking space (of course!) for the impressive S’Jegers fleet, consisting of about 300 tractors, 600 container chassis, 250 curtain trailers and 20 carriers for the transport of fresh or frozen food, equipped with portable generators called gensets. A fleet that, moreover, continues to grow. Surely investing in new equipment is the shopping spree for the entrepreneur? You can never have enough. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for new multipurpose chassis, gensets, tipping container chassis, moving floors and combi-trailers.

Later, a private fumigation area was added to this extensive list of assets. At the Kallo depot, international freight can be prepared for their journey by undergoing heat treatment or chemical immersion to eliminate mould or vermin. Wooden pallets, stowage and packing materials can contain unwanted organisms and, in many countries, only cargo that has been carefully fumigated is accepted in order to prevent incidents or even disasters.

Today, Transport S’Jegers – being one of the largest container carriers in Belgium and a permanent partner of several large terminals and logistics companies – transports up to 150,000 sea containers (20, 40 and 45 feet) each year from the world ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Rotterdam to the Benelux, France and Germany. But S’Jegers is also strongly represented in the rest of Europe, which is proved by the many types of goods that are transported daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

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What else, you ask?


  • S’Jegers has always worked with the well-known and qualitative Transport Administration System (TAS), a system that facilitates transport management . In concrete terms, TAS helps freight forwarders in the electronic management of their transport activities (including route planning, document management and invoicing). More concretely, this means that the company’s operating costs can be significantly reduced… which in turn translates into competitive prices and even better service for the customer!
  • Our company strives to be respectful of Mother Nature, whose landscapes we constantly travel through. We have already discussed the idea of investing in new trucks. Well, ‘new’ also means ‘cleaner’. 90% of our fleet meets the Euro 6 emission standard.
  • S’Jegers only employs highly-educated drivers who are Belgian nationals, which promotes communication with the customer and prevents social dumping. Drivers under the S’Jegers flag are therefore remunerated in accordance with Belgian legislation and the corresponding scales, and are required to undertake several courses and training, i.e. on safe and ecological driving (Drivolution) – professional competence (Code 95 driving licence category C) and ADR road transport.

This is the story of S’Jegers. Not really succinct, we’ll grant you that … But we’re too passionate about our business to not talk about every aspect of it.

If you have any questions, remarks or doubts, don’t hesitate to go to the Contact Us page. You can request a quote on almost every page, quickly and easily, and without obligation!

And remember: we do cargo the extra mile!


Onze preventieadviseur zorgt voor een permanente scholing van onze chauffeurs. Zij worden intern opgeleid om veilig en defensief te rijden. Daarnaast zijn onze vrachtwagenbestuurders geschoold in het zuinig en ecologisch verantwoord rijden. Dit bespaart een flink aandeel op onze brandstofrekening, waardoor we uw tarieven scherp kunnen houden. 

Bovendien is het ook nog eens veel beter voor het milieu. Waar mogelijk draagt S’Jegers Transport graag zijn steentje bij aan een schonere omgeving. Al onze chauffeurs worden opgeleid volgens de principes van DrivOlution

Onze preventieadviseur heeft zich hierin de laatste jaren bekwaamd en volgt ook nu nog permanent bijscholing. Naast individuele coaching en een doorgedreven rijstijlanalyse, staat hij de chauffeurs en de mecaniciens ook bij met trainingen en publicaties rond veiligheid en preventie op de werkvloer.

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